"Pandora und das Feuer" Switzerland - Z├╝rich
"Soul+Mates" Printz Dance Project San Francisco
Dance Movie "From Dirt"
Nina Fischer Solo, La Tentashon, Curacao 2015
Nina Fischer Dance Teacher, different styles and classes (Germany, Caribbean)
Dance Documentary 2015
Nina Fischer and Jorge Vazquez performing "Caminando Juntos" in Curacao 2015
Dance Documentary 2015

Different projects

Nina worked on different projects the last years.

2013 she went to Switzerland to perform "Pandora und das Feuer"!

In 2014 she got the chance to work and perform with "Printz Dance Project" (Stacey Printz) in San Francisco.

You also see her work as a teacher in Curacao (Dansschool Turningpoint)

In 2015 she performed a Solo in the theater of Curacao "La Tentashon" and during the dance week in Oktober Jorge Vazquez and Nina Fischer performed "Caminando Juntos"